I need some assistance with these assignment. the influence of tv and radio on worldwide food Thank you in advance for the help! Television is one of the most commonly used sources of entertainment and communication amongst communities and societies. Television provides visuals as well as sounds which allows the message to be communicated clearly and effectively. Many viewers learn about various different things via television (Scannell, 1996). For children and teenagers, television is an important source of entertainment and they invest a lot of time watching TV on a daily and weekly basis.

There have been an immense amount of studies conducted that reflect upon the fact that television programmes and advertisements influence the decisions taken by consumers to a very large extent. Television and radio programmes have the power to influence the way consumers thinks about any particular thing or scenario (Krcmar and Vieira, 2005). Young generation tends to make ideals rapidly and hence try to imitate whatever their idea thinks and acts on television.

Talk shows, reality shows, movies, sitcoms, food shows and many other programmes have the potential in influencing upon the lifestyle and ideology of people and has immense power to affect the decisions taken by consumers regarding anything.

Media has played an important role in enhancing globalisation activities successfully around the world. Television and Radio have allowed mass globalisation to spread at a fast pace and awareness about products and services have spread successfully. The television and radio programmes have educated consumers of all types to know what is happening around the world. The number of television viewers and radio listeners have constantly increased since its invention and increased drastically after the 20th century.

The effects of video and audio have attracted consumers of all age groups and they use these two media sources (television and radio) as a source of entertainment. The illiterate people of any community can also be targeted through the television and radio media.

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