Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the joy of human curiosity. The mark of a true philosopher needs to be traced to one’s capacity for entertaining and exploiting human curiosity, for it is a curiosity that makes this world an interesting place and endows it with meaning, order and relevance. In that context, any student of philosophy, interested in compiling and extending form to a personal sense of meaning and direction simply could not ignore Aristotle. Aristotle indeed happened to be one of the most important Western philosophers, going by the expansiveness and diversity of his innate curiosity, which gets amply manifested in his contributions in the domain of logic, ethics, metaphysics, science, astronomy, psychology, mathematics and an array of disciplines (Ackrill, 1981). I believe that even if one sets aside the philosophical contributions of this amazing mind, a strong affiliation to the human sense of curiosity that he signified, is a must for leading a meaningful and wholesome life.

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