Compose a 3000 words assignment on the politics of race and diaspora. Needs to be plagiarism free! As a diaspora community in the United States, Filipinos are well educated and their English is more refined thus, giving the community a better chance to improve their social status in the United States compared to other diaspora communities. Most of the educated Filipinos abroad, work in the human services sector. A large population of the Filipino diaspora resides in California and Hawaii while other Filipinos reside in New Jersey and New York. The Filipino community began to move abroad in the year, 1898. This community migrated abroad in search of work while others came to pursue education (Ralph, 2009).

Further, their migration was influenced by the integration of the Philippines into an export economy by the United States. This led to many Filipinos losing their farms and as a result, most young Filipinos driven by their desire to succeed in life decided to move to the United States. The American War made their migration easier, and the first group that moved to the United States settled in Hawaii and California where they worked on farms. However, moving to a foreign country has challenges in terms of adapting to a new environment (Ralph, 2009).

&nbsp.Most immigrants in the United States come from countries where freedom of expression is not allowed. As such, living in America allows such oppressed people to express their views freely without interference or reprimand from the political establishment. For instance, the political environment in the United States has created an avenue for Filipino diaspora to raise their concerns regarding the ills committed by the government back in the country of origin (Nititham, 2011). The Philippines is a third world country with part of the population living in abject poverty. As such, migrating to the United States provides Filipinos with hopes to improve their economic status and to assist families back home. Social ills such as corruption are entrenched in the political establishment in the Philippines with little or no action taken by the officials representing the electorates.

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