Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the private sector and further perpetration. As the crimes grow both in magnitude and number, government agencies are consistently seeking better ways to curb the future recurrence of the incidents. However, their efforts, even in the face of growing severity, are partly unrealized as more mega scandals are emerging with greater frequency. This poses the question: does the severity of punishments rendered against offending corporate entities help in reducing the rates of such crimes? Any responses towards this question have to be based upon the current trends as observed across several jurisdictions. Apparently, the increasingly tougher penalties meted out by government agencies have not helped in reducing the rates and magnitudes of corporate crime. Clarke and Newman (2012) were able to relate some of the wrong notions that drive many corporations into crime. Inevitably, every government is faced with a situation where it needs greater mobilization of resources, most of which are available from taxes levied upon members of the corporate world. In their pursuit to cater to ever-increasing populations and increasing demand for better services, governments have consistently increased the tax levels on corporations. On the other hand, corporation managers are bestowed with the role of meeting strict targets, which automatically determine their abilities to keep their jobs. In this state, being the heads of their organizations they are faced with opposing demands. one for improved tax compliance from the government agencies and the other for increased profitability from the shareholders and proprietors. The net effect is what results incorporate crime (Coleman, 2009). This paper attempts to answer the question of whether increased severity of penalties given to the corporates is a catalyst for a reduction in corporate crime, bearing the view that in reality, the magnitude and number of such crimes are steadily rising.

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