I need some assistance with these assignment. the representation of fear and horror Thank you in advance for the help! It also looks at the many facets and aspects of the film that are lacking in sense or lack clarity in sound reasoning. Such illogical elements are in the way the buildings are designed, the stillness and the absence that facilitates the psychological manipulation of fear and, the manipulation of spaces. Furthermore, the aspect of illogical terror and horror is highlighted by the child characters as the essay duly highlights.

The films have an element of horror and fear that is prevalent in them. The fear and horror are meant to elicit a negative emotional reaction from the audience by playing on the audience’s primal fears and horror. The films feature scenes meant to startle the audience. It has a supernatural as its theme because it involves devil worshippers and an underground cult. It deals with the audiences nightmares, hidden fears and fear or terror of the unknown. For example, the Seventh Victim has an intrusion of an evil force into everyday lives. The element of the film includes the elements of devil-worshipping and other aspects that are not normal in everyday lives. Thus, they overlap with the natural world order. They are various illogical elements that are prevalent in the film. These elements include the following:

Firstly, there is an uncanny and unordinary way through which the disappearance of characters raises fear and is in an unnatural manner. This is particularly evident in The Shining. For example, On November 29th, Danny decides to go play in the snowy playground. This turns out to be a very bad idea because he encounters some ghosts (The Shining movie). He encounters the ghosts while playing in the concrete ring. The hedge animals also come to life and chase him. It highlights the appearance and the disappearance of characters in the film. These characters are meant to elicit fear and terror to the other characters and the audience.

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