Write a 10 pages paper on the role of entrepreneurship within the tourism sector. Tourism is generally associated with international traveling and involves people traveling to places that are different from their usual environments. Currently, tourism has become very popular. however, the places which people visits are largely influenced by external factors such as politics or the global economic situation. Hence, the tourism industry experiences a large deficit due to the recession that occurred in the late part of the 21 century. Another example of how external factors influence tourism is the H1N1 virus that broke meaning that the number of tourists greatly reduces in the affected parts. Therefore, in assessing all these factors one can see that the tourism industry is very specialized at the same time is largely influenced by external features. Hence, entrepreneurship is very essential in this industry as it involves the utilization and manipulation of these external factors to ensure the success of the business. This paper will illustrate the relationship and role of entrepreneurship in the tourism sector.

As mentioned above, there are many factors that influence the success of the tourism industry and some of these are not within the control of the tourism personnel. For example, the outbreak of a deadly disease such as H1N1 leaves no room for marketing a particular area directly and the tourism industry will definitely have a reduction in their customers. Other features include political problems resulting in wars and making the area less appealing. An example of some political changes is Crimea which was a part of Ukraine and now voted to become part of Russia. Many people who used to visit Crimea for summer were from Ukraine and now require a visa and other strenuous processes to visit this resort. Hence, the tourism industry in this area has been largely affected. However, entrepreneurs have the possibility and talent to manipulate these situations and their role is vital in such situations.&nbsp.

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