Write 9 pages thesis on the topic the structure of the liturgy and the chant traditions of the middle ages music. From the biblical literature on the early church, little information is presented on the nature of music that the apostles and early disciples took part in. Perhaps the most important literature containing a little more information on the kind of music and worship practices engaged by the early church is presented by church documents. Common literature in the church orders includes Didache, Apostolic Tradition, Didascalia of the Apostles, Apostolic Church Order, Apostolic Constitutions, Canons of Hippolytus, and the Testamentum Domini1. Such texts were distributed around the regions where first Christian communities thrived before spreading over to the other regions. Other major Christian centers and cities have histories closely related to Christian practices including religious music and liturgical practices. From the general worship activities such as the reading of the bible verses and prayers, the music slowly became part of the liturgical activities of the early church and still is today.

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