Need an research paper on the working poor: invisible in america by david shipler. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. Americans in various ways how everyone can be a winner by working hard and while few do with a bit of luck and success with this formula, but there are still many in the American society that survives on monthly paychecks with no promising future. Instead, they survive with just a struggle for today and a hope that tomorrow might be better.

There are people who work day and night becoming an integral part of the capitalistic mindset but rarely do they succeed. In a system that banishes out anyone who fails to obey such as recovering drug abusers or corrective inmates trying to get back on their feet, the society banishes them out making it hard for them to survive and this is what Shipler talks about in his book. The most prevalent theme in the book is how the government uses capitalistic techniques to not let the common man flourish and even in the elections nobody pays heed to the poor men struggle. The paper focuses on the analysis of Shipper’s observation and how a merit-based society fails to progress because of wage slavery and unethical work grounds.

2. Shipler believes that the government is mainly responsible towards the people in poverty and then there are private industries, charities and other economically well off individuals who also have a responsibility towards the people living in poverty. The statistical data and the interviews of the working class below the poverty line fuel up Shiplers argument that the politicians need to address the problem of poverty and the issue of everyday wage slavery instead of making political debates addressing issues that are not important to the average man who strives day to day just to survive. He talks about how low wage workers do make the economic wheel move but they have no voice in the national dialogue that prevails during the election season and during the offseason as well.&nbsp.

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