Write a 6 pages paper on high school sports participation. Athletics, which is a significant undertaking in college, has a profound influence on the future outcomes of various college students. Athletics has served as the opener for certain students towards their future goals although it substantially undermines the educational attainment of most athletic students. The college offers different outcomes for different students with some students gaining educational attainment and values while other the same but with an added advantage of athletic prominence.

Over some time, there has been skills deceleration within the American context, owing to reduced educational accomplishment. The solution that has been recommended is an elaborate education for more people within the society, thus improving their educational attainment (Bowen & Chingos, 2009). Educational attainment has been considered the most efficient way of improving the conditions that the country has faced for quite some period. Students’ attendance at college seeks to present positive outcomes, which are education achievements and educational values. The functional areas have recently been included as a positive outcome that most students are seeking through joining college. Although, the functional area, which is athletics compromises the educational achievements of students it has proved quite influential in the labor markets for students bearing the educational achievements and values.

According to various surveys, conducted educational attainments have been substantially improved by various methods. Deep learning has been highlighted as a technique that has considerable influence on students’ performances that lead to better and positive educational outcomes (Lipka, 2007).

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