Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on mice marketing research and marketing communications at lyon. The city has one of the most elevated terrible provincial items (GDPs) in Europe and ideal exchange parity, because of a dynamic and broadened streamlined system (, 2010). We will be comparing the MICE marketing of Lyon with that of Johannesburg, South Africa because that another popular destination for business houses.

In the year 1998, 500 hectares of the land has declared property of UNESCO in order to bring in more crowd to relate to its culture (, n.d.). These locales are spotted in three parts of the city: Le Vieux Lyon (the old city), with distinctive edifices that go again to the Renaissance period. the downtown area named the Peninsula and the Croix Rousse with the Silk region.

South Africa is a country well known for its history, art, culture and wildlife. Apart from that, another issue that has been of interest recently is the fact that South Africa has become quite popular in terms of business tourism.

According to records, domestically, 36% of business voyagers report wanting general business. 30% arrive at making business deals, 25% go to meetings and 5% seek training requirements. Despite the fact that comparable figures are not accessible for global business voyagers, it is not difficult to deduce that the rates are much the same bar a littler rate coming to Johannesburg explicitly for making bargains (, n.d.).

General business tourism is seen as a capacity of Johannesburg’s part in the commonplace and national economy and thusly it is proposed that patterns, when all is said in done business tourism, are very subject to the business cycle of the nation and the city. All things considered budgetary development and expanded acquiring power in Johannesburg will help expanded business tourism by and large.

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