Compose a 4500 words assignment on the historical and cultural value of al koot fort. Needs to be plagiarism free! Al Koot Fort is one such outstanding and valuable site and it is registered by UNESCO as a world heritage. A1 Koot Fort or Doha Fort is a famous tourist attraction site located in Doha. The site lies at the center of the famously known Souq Waqif of Doha and the other section of the old town. Construction of the site took place in the 19th century where it initially started as a police post and later being changed into a museum. Later in the year 1978, the whole of the facility underwent a refurbishment that in this case, lead to the loss of some of its valuable tourist attraction features. However, the authorities in the Qatari government presently consider the option of returning the port to the project neighboring it in Souq Waqif (Ruijgrok, 2006 p.207).

A1 Koot Fort may not be as old as some of the forts found in the Middle East region. The site has been well maintained and most of its features preserved making it of high value. Most significant tourist attraction sites in Qatar as it holds a lot of history about the country especially in relation to the cultural values. The fort is a symbol and an insight into the culture and the lifestyle, and the architecture that primarily took place during the seismic shift. This was at the time when the Turkish conquered Qatar in 1880, and A1 Koot fort served as the point where the military used for their defensive purposes. The fort has a wide variety of purposes, for instance, as a museum, the fort serves the purposes of exhibiting the Qatari traditional handicrafts, and the work of gold, and the creativity of the arts from the individuals, the paintings, and even the old age photographs. In addition, the museum currently hosts cultural exhibitions such as the fishing equipment, wooden ornaments, techniques that relate with the gypsum burning, boat building.

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