Hi, need to submit a 2750 words paper on the topic The Man With the Movie Camera. This position exemplified the attitude of a sector in the then Soviet Union that downplayed the role of Vertov in global cinema. Yet, there are those who admire the filmmaker’s work, finding something beautiful and truly innovative in the material. Artists such as Marinetti and Rouch considered it as a masterpiece and an important cinematic achievement (Stoller, 1992, pp.102). This bellied the claim that the film is inconsequential and lacking in substance. This paper investigates this premise and will demonstrate why Abramov’s analytical position cannot be sustained and that with The Man with the Movie Camera, Vertov was telling an effective and compelling story.

The Man with a Movie Camera was released in 1929 with Vertov’s wife, Elizaveta Svilova as the editor. The film was unique, particularly in comparison with its contemporaries, as it did not have a plot or actors. The original film was also intended to be silent although subsequent versions featured the addition of some auditory elements. Essentially, it presented the urban life of the former Soviet cities of Kyiv, Moscow, Kharkiv and Odesa. The semblance of the direct narrative was in the form of depictions of the daily activities and operations of the citizens in the cities from dawn to dusk. The interaction of the people with machinery has also been featured in the film as a form of modernity. All the scenes in the film were shot separately in the span of three years and some were initially not intended to be included in the film (Winston, 2014).

The content and the structure of the film led to its criticism and unpopularity among the Russian moviegoers, with critics branding it as “inaccessible” and “formalistic” (Petric, pp. 66).

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