Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on to what extent does the theme of family or childhood preoccupy contemporary cinema Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Back in the 1950s, the cinemas depicted the theme of family and childhood in a very positive light. These families, which featured in most televisions and theatre shows, consisted of heterosexual fathers and mothers who were very dedicated to their monogamous marriages that were strongly founded on both material and emotional support including accepting, caring for, believing in, loving, supporting, trusting, forgiving and valuing their children. The fathers were very affectionate and caring. Mothers were portrayed as the ideal homemakers while children were obedient to their parents and well-behaved. Each family member seemed to know his or her obligatory role in the community (Bresson, 1997). In that era, cinemas portrayed fathers as the sole breadwinners while their wives and children were dependents. This scenario rendered both mothers and children totally submissive and answerable to the head of the house. the father.

In the early 1990s, there was a paradigm shift and the film industry started booming. The growing demand for motion pictures led to the introduction of feature films as opposed to the traditional or reel film. Consequently, a radical change hit the film industry and the family theme depiction took a new dimension as seen in Matilda (1996). It is around this time that there was a notable twist in the family institution mainly because of the introduction of career women in society. The girl child was empowered at this stage and believed in her capabilities and abilities. She developed confidence that she can do what any man can do. Thus, both the husband and the wife were income earners. The working-class women betrayed the traditional loyalty to their husbands since they were no longer the sole breadwinners. These women started to compete with their men on various family issues. Men felt a bruise on their egos and reacted with violence, as seen in The Burning Bed (1984).

This marked the origin of domestic violence in cinemas.

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