Compose a 2250 words assignment on the films innocent voices and the kite runner. Needs to be plagiarism free! ‘The Kite Runner’ by Marc Forster, based on Khaled Hosseini’s bestseller, is another fascinating movie of two young boys who are childhood friends and who lived in Kabul in 1978. The film is pitted against the backdrop of war-torn Afghanistan. In this

In the film ‘Innocent Voices’, we find the young Chava at the crossroads of his life, when he had to be absorbed into the army after he turned twelve. The young kid is unaware of the life ahead of him and therefore is apprehensive and scared and has no inclination to leave his barrio. Although he has not formed his own political opinions, Chava supports the Guerillas, which are led by the Communists, only because his uncle Beto is part of it. The entire scenario and choices that are made for him are only looked upon as mere events or incidents that take place in his life, rather than having any historical or political agenda to it.

From a social standpoint at this time in El Salvador, immense inequality of economy and dire poverty prevailed. The country’s wealth was being controlled and misused by those officials of the government that ran the country, as well as a few of the elite class. The scarcity of electricity and running water for the Campesinos and the peasants who lived meagerly. along with the inequality they had to face with the rich upper class, was enough to spark and fuel unrest and resentment. Considering the fact that El Salvador had an exceedingly dense population within the Americas, coupled with the aggressive social inequality that prevailed, it was reason enough to ignite a war.

‘Innocent Voices’ is directed by the well known Mexican film director, Luis Mandoki who works in Mexico and Hollywood. His film which was released in 2004 won critical acclaim and he also got nominated as Best Director in 2005.

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