Complete 11 pages APA formatted article: Distinctive Terms in Terms of Movie. As civilization came in, motion pictures again improved in terms of speed and display. Later came in the graphics revolution, from the black and white pictures to the modern colored and 3-D images. Today the booming movies and series production among other interactive and entertainment productions depend on the motion pictures generated to communicate the content visual and audio messages.

A lot of productions especially in the last 20th century delivered entertainment to society through the use of animation. As computer graphics came in, it seemed rather a whole different thing from film production, though it was not much different. Today cartoon production remains a legend in the dependence of animation to produce quality entertainment. In the past, experts in computer graphics have been using 2-D computer graphics, but thanks to the technology development that gave rise to 3-D, which renders output in faster real-time. Basically, the whole idea is about picture motion and aims to give an image some sense of reality and life, by portraying them as active objects. Animation history preceded the existence of cinema and had been taken from one level to another using the earlier first invented machines designed for photography. The first principle applied and which remains to be was the discovery of persistence of vision, which facilitated the work of animation by allowing the human eye to perceive the fast succession of actions in bits as the moving images. When pictures of an individual performing a task are taken, one step to another and aligned in sequence, it makes no difference in the human mind of the real performing individual and what the sequence of images portrays as they are in a continuous movement.

In computer animation in the digital age, creating an illusion of moving images has been made easier by the use of computing to present a character’s movement that give the audience the right impression.

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