Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses sean mcallisters documentaries. His work spans over wide-ranging types of films including his previous films Working for the Enemy (1997) and Minders (1998), which both received recommendations for the Royal Television Society Awards, and his latest successes, Liberace of Baghdad (2004) and A story of Love and Hate: Japan (2008).

All through the years, the work that Sean McAllister has engaged in has been marvelous and stunning, portraying characteristics of frankness and intimacy. His work has covered people from myriad parts of the globe who are grappling to make ends meet, and people caught in personal and political conflict trying to comprehend the world as it is to them. Recently, the documentary developer has released yet another touching feature, The Reluctant Revolutionary (2012), which talks about a tour guide from Yemeni, who evolved into a revolutionary. This recent release found its way into the Panorama Dokumete’s sixty-second Berlinale. At the moment, the documentary maker is filming in Asia as well as Europe. The producer spans over various forms of entertainment. However, his role and contribution in the documentary film is most conspicuous and will be the subject of discussion in this essay.

Over recent years, documentary films have risen in terms of fame and have become common in mainstream television as well as cinema. The profession adoption of affordable technologies, the poor transition of traditional media, and the constant pressure from viewers and audiences for political discussion and information have made reality television and documentary films to grow in terms of production and reception. Various filmmakers such as Michael Moore and Errol Morris have been at the forefront in the development and growth of documentary films. It is relevant to consider the documentary films that have won the attention of the viewers and judges so much that they have been recognized through awards such as the Oscar (Sapino, 2011).

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