Write a 7 pages paper on ecotourism as a product of mass tourism. This is where the roots of ecotourism come from. Though ecotourism is a rather new field of human activity and it has not still been discovered if it is an aspect of mass tourism or an independent phenomenon of human activity. The interest of the world’s community to indigenous cultures and remote lands predicts great success to ecotourism.

Further research is focused on considering ecotourism as an aspect of nature-based tourism. People are anxious about the overall industrialization and technocratic society. They want to overcome their alienation from nature. Ecotourism is a perfect alternative to mass tourism that “frequently led to resource depletion and negative impacts on the values of local people and their cultural heritage. Pollution and overuse, which degraded the beauty of many of the sites, became common occurrences” (Parks and Allen, 2009). Moreover, an important role of ecotourism can be explained by its main advantage – to preserve indigenous nature and remote land. Therefore, public attention to nature preservation is determined in the framework of recycling programs, emissions reduction laws and regulations and development of nature preservation programs on the global level.

Ecotourism is an interesting sphere of human activity. Many types of research and scientists are focused on considering the nature of ecotourism and either correlate it or contrast it to natural tourism or tourism as such. These are not problems in the field of terminology only. The root of the problem lies deep inside the appearance of ecotourism as a separate field (Donohoe & Needham, 2006). The term ecotourism appeared in the academic literature in the middle of the 80s. Currently, it is a specific field of studies in tourism and a separate sphere of activity that is differentiated from tourism as such. Sometimes ecotourism is perceived in the framework of alternative tourism (Blamey, 1997. 2001).&nbsp.

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