You will prepare and submit a term paper on Ecotourism in Costa Rica. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. It is not too late and there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Before it is too late and before reaching to point of no return, we must realize the importance of our environment.

Ecotourism is also a kind of sustainable development that can easily be contributed by all. Ecotourism is a solution to the increasing degradation in the environment and the natural habitat of the countries. Ecotourism is the best tool for developing economies to conserve their natural habitat and by boosting their tourism industry. Costa Rica is a country with constant peace and stability. Moreover, it has achieved the highest level of human development indicators. It does not maintain armed forces. It spends all its money on its people. Costa Rica is one of the oldest ecotourism destinations in the world. Following are the top five and famous ecotourism destination in the world1

All countries want to preserve their resources of international importance and tires to achieve the highest levels of economic growth simultaneously. Nevertheless, there is an increasing number of incidents of degradation of the environment in this civilized world. We are losing important historical and natural resources due to the phenomenon of terrorism, negligence of authorities and due to industrial wastes. Ecotourism is a result of globalization. Ecotourism was evolved due to dissatisfaction with mass tourism which results in environmental degradation. Ecotourism is part of the process of a sustainable development approach to growth in developing countries. Hence, ecotourism is an important tool for the developing world to increase their economic activities and at the same time by conserving natural habitat and environment2.

Generally, we only consider the positive effects of ecotourism and ignore the negative effects of ecotourism. It is due to the reason that the positive effects of ecotourism are always present but it is not necessary that a country faces the negative effects.

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