I will pay for the following article Effect of Bad Communication Between Various Departments in Hotels. The work is to be 20 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Communication takes part in one or multiple human beings. Apart from that, the communication is deployed not only by human beings but also by all the living beings in one form or the other. Even the animals use communication in their own form because day to day survival cannot be sustained without communication. The immediate benefits of communication include the depletion of the gaps between human beings so that they can understand each other without any difficulty and with immense ease. The communication must be strong enough and smooth so that the stakeholders can take a full part in the understanding process and the communication development phase can be carried out easily. Communication is the key source of conveying the feelings, news, expressions, updates and any form of happenings in human life. Communication is not only used by human beings but also by the animals in their own form and kind. Communication must be effective and useful in order to serve the purpose of the interaction. Similarly, formal communication must follow some kinds of standards and norms of the organization. No useless sentences and words can be tolerated. Informal communication can have casual sentences and words. There are different types of communication messages which are used according to the situation in practical life. Communication messages must be used according to the audience and the nature of the news, content and any other forms of communication that are needed to be done in order to convey an update, feeling or emotion (Plooy, 1995).


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