Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Effects of Utilization of Background Music in Advertising. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The sounds are irrelevant and only made to keep one in their activities for example singing while in the showers and while working in the gardens while others commercialized. All these have different meanings to different people and stand to provide inspiration in one way or another (Titon, Anne, David, David, and Timothy 1).

Based on the different cultures that people hail from, different music represents different cultures and makes life viewed in different meanings based on the believes and justifications of the communities. The differences in the music produced by many bases on the culture they represent and the message they consider prime in their music. The aspect of culture defines music. Interviews conducted by different people reveal that every musician has a story to share in their music. They reveal music is not just the sound, but also what the sound spreads as the message. The attachment that people have grown to associate music with the message has seen the use of music in adverts grow overtime. Adverts aim at providing information or passing a message to the consumers on a product. It aims at attracting the attention of the consumers and ensuring that a memory attaches to the product.

For years, music has grown to blend well into advertising in packaging the message for the consumer. A number of studies have come to exist on the effects that music has on the aspect of the way consumers behave when choosing a product (Hoyer and Deborah 181). The music aims at influencing the consumer moods and the responses that they pose to advertising. Background music as used commonly besides advertising refers to the soundscapes that relate to the various music styles intended for passive listening only. They are passive in the sense that they are not the focus that the audience draws to but they just accompany the focus point. Besides, in adverts, such music is useful during social gatherings, retail venues electronic media through films, video blogs.

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