Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Entrepreneurs, Expectations and Business Expansion. The researcher states that Timothy Johnson worked very hard to join the Harvard business school and graduated with first-class honors. He was immediately absorbed into the job market by a reputable financial institution called City Bank where he started his banking career. Timothy was very hard working and within three years, he had risen to the managerial position.&nbsp. While at the bank, he discovered that he had a talent for marketing and customer service. He went back to school for masters and majored in these fields.&nbsp. He was very visionary and developed innovative money transfer solutions that gave his bank a competitive advantage over its competitors. Despite this success, Timothy felt restrained by the many procedures and policies that hindered him to freely use his creative mind. Furthermore, the bank failed to implement many of his projects because of the bureaucracy involved in approving a project. He didn’t get the personal independence that he required to pursue his own interests in the financial industry. He came from a poor community and he wanted to elevate lives through affordable financial solutions, but the bank denied him this chance. Therefore, after working for 5 years, he quit employment to start his own financial firm, called Equity Trust Bank. According to Burns, entrepreneurs can be born or made. People are born with certain business traits while some traits are shaped by experience, history, and the environment of growth. In some cases, situational factors can influence a person’s entrepreneurial orientation. The personal factors that influenced Timothy to start his firm included the need for independence and achievement. He yearned to be free from restrictive policies and procedures at City Bank so that he could create innovative solutions to help his poor community. He needed to achieve in implementing his projects that the previous employer failed to implement. Timothy also had the ability to live with uncertainties and take risks. At City Bank, he took various risks in introducing mobile banking services concept that achieved great success in the market. Furthermore, he was a confident, innovative, self-motivated and visionary in his work. This was demonstrated by his journey that had humble beginning yet he worked hard to join the best schools and work his way up the ladder in a short time.

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