Write 22 pages thesis on the topic evolution of techno music. A popular narrative depicts the history of techno and the electronic dance music began with the European rave culture as the foundation of the contemporary forms of music.

On the contrary, Techno origin dates to parties held by African Americans at dance clubs in Detroit in the late 1970s (Reynolds, 2013, p.43). Most popular narratives about the music neglect the history made by African American as well the central position played by the African American DJs and influence of music electronically on the music dance culture (Salvage, 1992, p.9). This music is popular till today and provides the sonic for innovations of DJs and producers of European and American period popular forms such as drum ā€˜nā€™ bass, hard house, downtempo, trance, and hip hop (Reynolds, 2012, p.13). Although the techno made influence both globally and nationally, the role of African Americans in its development, this genre has been kept out of developed library collection and music archives activities necessitating scholars to analyze critically (Nelson, 2001, p.16). Despite Techno having a history dating back to the creation of African American DJs in the parties and clubs, this music and its creators have been popular in Europe at rave parties and club parties in the late 1980s while losing slowly support from Detroit community (Shapiro, 2011, p.76).

During the 1990s, techno gained back influence in the United States and became popular rave parties attended by white teenagers and young adults as well production done by European and American white DJs (Persch, 1988, p.13). Furthermore, Techno initially began in Detroit. his music has been known broadly as electronic dance music associated with the European popular culture (Barlett, 2009, p.13). Due to re-contextualization and subsequent re-labeling of techno made it not visible on the origin and identity as African American (Sicko, 1999, p.7). As a consequence, Techno does not appear in scholarship and standard curricula on African Americans.

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