Need help with my writing homework on Exploring an Object: Toilet Paper Roll. Write a 2250 word paper answering; The value of the toilet paper roll is light. It has several pieces of paper put together to form a two-ply sheet and then they are rolled around a hollow core of cardboard. The texture of the toilet paper is soft and has a dotted pattern. The aspect of repetition is seen from the dotted patterns in the toilet paper sheets. There are several folds at intervals that are perforated so that the toilet paper is cut clearly. The toilet paper sheets take the shape of a square which gives it consistency when a person is using it.

When unrolling, the toilet paper moves in various directions according to the position it is placed. The toilet paper roll, therefore, follows a circular rhythm when used. In reference to light and shadow, the toilet paper is translucent. This implies that it can allow some light through when subjected to a source of light. When the toilet paper is put at an angle of 90 degrees one can only see the pattern on the toilet paper but when it lays on a flat surface, the various layers of the toilet paper are visible. The hollow cardboard core is rough and compact and consists of interior white color and exterior brown color. The brown color is concealed by the rolls of the toilet paper but once the roll is finished the color is visible. Whereas the white color is visible via the hollow part, the hollow part is made of hard paper than the one used on toilet paper rolls, and it is not soluble in water. The toilet rolls are also perfumed with a sweet, mild scent. The perfume brings a feeling of freshness and the white color a sense of cleanliness. The color is appealing and creates a feeling of confidence. As per the categories of visual arts, the toilet paper belongs to the functional art category (Lecture notes, AAD 251: Arts and Visual Literacy). This is grounded on the fact that it is made from various types of papers to make the whole object, and I bought it from a retail shop. The toilet rolls are made of soft paper while the hollow part is manufactured using cardboard.

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