Write 6 pages thesis on the topic facilities planning for hospitality, tourism and events. The commonly accepted facilities in the residential clubhouse are categorized into two. the active facilities and the passive facilities.

Swimming pool, Squash court, Basketball court, Multi-purpose ball court, Football court, Tennis court, Game room, Badminton court, Table Tennis room, Children play area, Indoor golf room, Fitness room, Gymnasium, Weigh training, Bowling alley, Exercise room, Skating rink, and Volleyball court (JOHNSON 2008, pg 131).

Sitting and lounge area, Sauna facilities, Billiard room, Spa facilities, study or Reading room, a Library, Computer room, Function room, video game room and Karaoke, or Music room (REIN & SHUPERT 2011, pg 35).

Some facilities and rooms are not commonly found in the residential clubhouse, but their acceptability majorly relies on the size and the relationship with the main function. They are mainly known as Ancillary facilities (GILBORN 2000, pg 105). Ancillary Facilities that may be allowed depending on the size and relationship with the main functions Clubhouse management office includes. Clubhouse staffroom, first aid room, Snack bar and pantry, a kitchen, Pantry, and mini-bar (Ka Wai 2008, pg75).

The facility or property organization management will have a responsibility for the building operation and provision not forgetting procurement of the premises, property assets, ongoing premise maintenance, equipment and capital plant (Alexander 1993, pg88). The structure of the organization changes according to the support and facilities services available for an estate. It entails on-site and property managers staff. Facility or Property managers must have information about management and the facilities to do their incorporated role of support (Champika and Charles 2005, pg111).

The major function of facility managers is to incorporate the organizational people with their work and facilities to be in a position to attain the end-users’ needs.&nbsp.

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