I will pay for the following article Fair and Responsible Use of Data Mart Equipment. The work is to be 11 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The facilities covered under this policy will be every equipment found within the premises of Data Mart Company whether they are owned or leased.

Within the scope of this policy recommendation, we will use the term “IT equipment” to refer to any hardware, software, or different LAN protocols that Data Mart has authorized for use among the contractors as well as internal employees. In addition, hardware facilities like servers that operate on the Data Mart-owned network system and monitored by Data Mart will as well be treated as IT equipment.

This policy must be implemented by different departments in the Information Technology arena. Similarly, every IT equipment users within Data Mart will be rendered responsible for all actions that lead to violation of the conventional security rules at their respective stations of work.

Employees of Data Mart might not access the organization’s It equipment without prior authentication. After accessing the given IT equipment, it is the responsibility of the involved users must make sure that the user does not go beyond the specifications in Data Mart’s Issue Specific Policy. The authentication credentials are not to be shared within anybody else. Not even the head IT office will dare ask for such credentials from the end-users. If a need arises to issue an employee with an It equipment, it will be the duty of the employee’s departmental supervisor to coordinate with the IT Department then avail the employee with the equipment in question.

Use of Data Mart Company’s IT equipment should be left for business-based operations. The business-based operation will encompass every task that the management has delegated to an employee. Every user remains responsible to comprehend then comply with every rule, policy, law, license along with contracts that are relevant to their respective areas of use. Users have the duty to ensure that every moment of use of IT equipment.

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