I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Father Knows Best by Ang Lee. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The rendezvous service after a long search identified a female who was quite tall and sang opera music. Furthermore, she was capable of communicating in more than five different languages and possessed one professional doctorate. On her discovery concerning the Wei-Tung’s dilemma, the girl became very cordial because she also had a relationship running. Following Simons’s persistence, Wei-Tung made a resolution to wed one of his renters. The name of the girl was Wei-Wei. She had no money, and she was in great want of a green card. In addition, by assisting out Wei-Wei, Wei-Tung and Simon believed that Wei-Tung’s guardians would get contented and be happy that their son finally wed (Lim 42).

After some time, Wei-Tung’s guardians settled on traveling to their son’s place with the objective of preparing an expensive nuptial for him. Simon and Wei-Tung refused to disclose the secret to his guardians, since his dad, who was a former officer in the Army forces, had at that moment just recuperated from heart disease.

Nevertheless, the disappointment his mum got at the law court wedding provided for a narrative fit for a slot in the theater. The mere manner to make harmony for the discreditable nuptial was a superb bridal feast. Subsequent to the feast, the girl enticed the intoxicated Wei-Tung and got expectant. Consequently, Simon became tremendously distressed when he discovered, and his affair with Wei-Tung became continually estranged.

Following the emotion draining battle with both his girlfriend and boyfriend, Wei-Tung became furious and confessed the reality to his mum. The mum became distressed and persisted that he should never mention that to his dad. Surprisingly, the dad had seen some signs regarding Tung’s orientations and had at one time discretely mentioned it to Simon.

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