Create a 25 pages page paper that discusses female body in high fashion advert. female body in high fashion advert. The study has also been supported with the previous researches that have been conducted in the past on the subjects the same and similar to the present one. The study has also comprised the concepts including nudity and pornography because of the growth and development of both these notions in modern era advertising campaigns. Despite the fact that nudity could be tempting for the members belonging to both the genders. however, female nakedness certainly appears to be more alluring for the members of the opposite gender or males (Banner 2004, pp.15-6).

Advertising is rightly regarded to be a corporate phenomenon as well as an essential part of marketing management campaigns through which the companies obtain the opportunity of entering into communications with the customers and clients with the intention of winning their hearts and motivating them to buy their products (Lamb et al. 2005, p.406). Hence, advertising could simply be defined as any form of the paid campaign through which the masses are introduced with some sponsor, company or its products and/or services with the purpose of increasing its sales volume and profit level for the company paying for the advertisement (Lamb et al. 2005, p.405). In other words, advertising is launched for communicating with potential clients and encouraging them to purchase the items being advertised.

It is a reality beyond suspicion that all the services are presented to and products are prepared only for the customers and clients. therefore, every corporate venture and activity looks revolving around the consumers and end-users actually (Kincaid 2008, p. 10). Consequently, the corporate firms and organizations intend to grab the attention of the customers for which they are preparing various products.

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