You will prepare and submit a term paper on Film and Reflection of Society and Culture. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. Hollywood films have received recognition as some of the culturally influential productions. These films are known to reflect not only American culture and societal values, but also a diverse range of imagination based on cultures across the globe. The increasing rates of liberalization of trade in the different regions of the globe make Hollywood films accessible to different people in the globe. Moreover, an advance in technology and easy access to the internet that has emerged in the recent past makes it easier for people to access American films. This only means that the cultural aspects of the American society exhibited through films exert an impact on different sections of the globe (Miller 23).

Without a doubt, American films reveal much about the societal ideals and the mainstream culture as well as the leading social issues. Hollywood films have been associated with the fast spread of American ideals that are central to society such as individualism, capitalism, and commercialism. There is evidence that the film industry also exposes principles that govern different sectors of American society such as food hygiene, health care, and educational provision. Hollywood films also have a significant display of the cultural attitudes exhibited by Americans towards honesty, tolerance, and other ethical values. I am convinced that one reason why films have to reflect the culture of a certain society is that it needs an identity. In the example of Hollywood, Americans provide a great percentage of the audience that has access to its films. The American society needs to experience a level of cultural identity as reflected in the films and in real lives (44).

From a close analysis of several Hollywood films, it is evident that they have been leading promoters of the capitalist ideology that defines American society. These films place emphasis on the existing class differences and the perspectives that govern the upper and lower class.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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