Need an research paper on the film cinema paradiso. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism. It possesses a wide range of important questions and everyone is able to find something for himself in this film.

I am going to focus on four relevant aspects according to which we can analyze and understand the peculiarities of this movie inappropriate and clear way. There are a number of aspects which we are interested in:

First and foremost I concentrate on the dramatic facet of the movie. The genre of the film is determined as drama. This means that film creators play on people’s emotions, most painful and lamentable which undergo tragic resolutions or poignant regrets for some committed actions or just hasty decisions.

Themes for drama movies are taken mostly from real life or they depict realistic situations which occur in people’s daily routine. Creations of this exact genre predetermine nostalgic slant which is realized through the memories of leading characters. Also, the moralizing moment is present in such movies and it encourages people to ponder on our own problems and feelings.

Hence, there are no doubts that Cinema Paradiso is considered to be a dramatic movie and its genre is defined as this one. What is more, there are a huge number of features that designate drama themes and peculiarities in the film. Dramatic pouring is penetrated through the film absolutely and totally. The creation made by Giuseppe Tornatore engages a lot of aspects in the area of personal problems and inner individuality of a humane.

The principal protagonist of the story is Salvatore Cascio or Toto, so the main drama transpires through his personality. The film director provokes such moral themes as childhood without a father, infelicitous love, high passion with its occupation, incapacity to come back home, and others.

He fosters with his mother’s care only as his father remains in Russia and fights in the war.

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