Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Future of Human Factors in Aviation. This paper will focus on the technological developments that have been made in the aviation industry to improve pilot performance and efficiency by reducing stress and fatigue levels. This project will discuss the specific areas which are receiving attention from the aviation industry. It will highlight the aspects of human performance which are being addressed by the technology developments and will present a general direction on the future of human risk control in the industry.

Critical thinking is an important skill that enables researchers to test data intellectually. Among other things, critical thinking involves questioning the data and the underlying assumptions to come closer to the truth (Lau, 2011). It helps in the process of creating knowledge by differentiating valid from invalid data. One of the ways in which knowledge is created is through synthesis of data and facts. During the course of this project, critical thinking will be applied to the data obtained from a number of secondary sources. Information from reports about aviation technology companies and scholarly research will be critically evaluated to identify key technological developments. The information will be synthesised by identifying common features in order to arrive at a general direction of the technology.

The secondary sources used in the project would also contain results of studies and a quantitative analysis of those results. Quantitative reasoning involves using quantitative data in order to extract meaningful conclusions from them. Mathematical and statistical tools such as correlation and determination of statistical error are common methods used to analyze and interpret numerical data.

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