Write 9 pages with APA style on Gender Discrimination in the Music Industry: Pop Stars, Composers and Orchestras. Even with the introduction of emphasis on modern instruments in the western world, women were dictated as to the instruments they could play and the positions they could realistically have in the musical society. Even in the Victorian era documents, it is evident that “women were simply not included in the questions musicologists and historians were asking” (Reynolds, 2009, p2).

Today’s modern world celebrates female artists, at least in theory. We have millionaire pop artists, inspired classical composers, and generations of girls enrolling in music programs. But the decades of societal constraints placed upon them have led to a misbalance on their participation and nurturing in the arts of music. Even in studying, music the social constructs still divert girls towards certain lighter instruments and downplay their abilities to master other popular, or economically stronger instruments or forms of music (Reynolds, 2009, p and Phelps, 2010). Women constitute a significantly smaller part of the classical music scene than men and in the popular music arena, they are faced with issues of sexism and ageism not leveled against their male counterparts (Lindvall, 2010). Some have described the modern music industry as “celebrating a bullying culture against women (Smith, 2013).

Most of the notable female names in the classical music before the 19th century are of those who had used their male connections to get a foot into that world. Clara Schumann is alleged to have her compositions performed under the name of her famous husband Robert Schumann (1810-1855) as the audiences wouldn’t have accepted her work otherwise (AP, 1987). The men of power in the industry did not think that women had the necessary intellect or physical capacity to lead an orchestra or play more strenuous instruments. Women were considered a distraction and somehow these sentiments have continued to exist well into the 21st century.

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