Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Gendered Sport and Physical Activity. It needs to be at least 2000 words. That is, the essence of gender differences has disadvantaged women to a great extent through discrimination in places of work, learning institutions, health institutions as well as in sports. This research will explore various ways through, which gender differences have facilitated the occurrence of these social disadvantages among women in schools, health services provided as well as in sporting activities.

In research published by Azzarito & Solomon in 2009, it is mentioned that learning institutions are some of the social dynamics that have been affected by perceptions associated with being a male or a female. To begin with, research has indicated that there are varying perceptions among populaces regarding the participation of women in some activities (Azzarito & Solomon 2009). For instance: Many people associate certain subjects and schooling activities more with women rather than with women i.e. in mathematics where women are perceived to be poor performers is such subjects that have been regarded by research experts as technical (http://www.engagemen-me.org n.d).

In some cases, women are usually denied educational opportunities majorly in developing and less-developed nations where women are subjected to performing most domestic activities such as Provision of primary care to children, cooking and managing certain family activities (Jackson 2006). A research conducted by the World Health Organization indicated that most women in developed nations are denied education opportunities majorly due to inadequate awareness on issues ascribed to gender equality. Taking an example in Kenya for instance. the majority of the Masaai women are subjected to domestic duties and married as early as nine years old (Correl 2012).

According to Jackson 2006, gender differences facilitated by the existence of perceptions regarding gender differences in some countries have affected the performance of women in learning institutions.

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