I need some assistance with these assignment. geography, demographics, and history of guatemala Thank you in advance for the help! Guatemala’s narrative as a country, however, is more than this. Certainly, there was the fact that it was home to the great Mayan civilization that flourished as early as 3,000 B.C. Furthermore, its history is also not unlike most states in Latin America. It became a Spanish colony imbibing Hispanic characteristics and way of life. Throughout the Guatemalan landscape, the grand Spanish churches and structures are interspersed with the ruins of the Mayan civilizations. Consequently, these also depict the character of the Guatemalan culture: there was the Hispanic influence but there is also the unique Mayan ancestry. Its culture has been preserved over the years. Guatemala today is a melting pot of culture, history, and diversity. The state, like most of its Latin American neighbors, faces challenges such as poverty. But its people – with their unique heritage – are struggling to make the country a better and more prosperous place to live in.

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