Write a 12 pages paper on are global cities westernizing or homogenizing culture in cities. At the same time, there is a growing concern that the growing megacities of the world are having such an impact on culture that society is gradually becoming more and more homogenous with each passing generation. This can be seen, for example, in the portrayal of Western society and the globalization of the world community as seen through the eyes of the media. Al Jazeera News, BBD Arabia, and CNN Arabic are examples of media outlets that have propped up in recent years to portray an increasingly homogenous society. In addition, there are numerous restaurant franchises that used to be centrally located in only a few countries that have now gone truly global. Consider how McDonald’s has morphed into the creation of a McArabia sandwich, and the reality that Kentucky Fried Chicken is now truly a global icon that can be seen in nearly any major city the globe over. Finally, clothing is representative of a global fashion industry that transcends geographical boundaries. Whereas much of the Middle East and the Arab world used to have their own form of traditional dress that transcended generations, Western clothing brands gradually crept into the landscape to the point that young people in cities such as Doha, Dubai, and Istanbul do not look dissimilar from youth in any other major world city. The reality is that a judgment cannot yet be made whether or not this homogenization of culture is positive or negative, but the study of how this cultural shift is affecting traditional and historical values is a worthwhile endeavor indeed.

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