Write 8 pages with APA style on Global Warming Issue. The accumulation of these gases causes the greenhouse effect. where the gases absorb the solar radiation rays and fix them on the earth’s surface. These greenhouse gases (methane, carbon dioxide) have huge damage to the natural environment. Greenhouse gases are released from industrial machines and obsolete technologies. With the adverse effect resulting from these greenhouse gases, it is important that international communities adopt policy measures to reduce their effect on the environment and the whole economy at large. While many people have debated on whether global warming is as serious as it is portrayed, the truth is that this is something that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency due to the serious ramifications that it has on the environment (Sims).

Today, it becomes apparent that climate change has resulted in adverse effects on national and international populations. The UN Environment Program approximates that the added economic adversities related to climate change translate to over $300 billion each given year. There is widespread concern about climate change in the media with movies such as An Inconvenient Truth and Day After Tomorrow being released to warn nations and the population at large about the effects of global change. Even private citizens have developed concerns about climate change in several states, but their government strategies do not always mirror this concern (Newell 101).

Global warming is a nagging environmental as well as an economic issue affecting the whole globe. For instance, due to climatic change, most of the agricultural industries lack adequate materials, rainfall will fluctuate variable and the arid and semi-arid extent will increase significantly, and these fragile ecosystems affect human health, sea level, and tourism. As the world heads into the future, corporation measures are required to mitigate the ultimate destruction of the environment, which can make the earth a vulnerable place to inhabit (Newell 103).

The emission of greenhouse gases if left unchecked is projected to increase during the 21st century to alarming levels.

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