Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Global Water Shortage. The current society is faced with myriad global challenges that affect different parts of the global populace on a different dimension. The essence of recognizing a socio-political, environmental, or economic challenge as a global issue is based on its magnitude and scope. Currently, those challenges considered global issues have increased in numbers, thus creating concern among major decision-makers as well as development stakeholders (Gupta, & Pahl-Wostl, 2010). It is a fact that many of these global challenges emerge from dimensions of conflicts in the four major components of development, which are. water, food, environment, and energy resources. Researchers have claimed that the use of the fore-mentioned components of development in various anthropogenic activities has triggered the occurrence of global challenges, thus deteriorating the overall development processes. Taking into consideration the case of an environment as a factor of development, contemporary scholars have asserted that in as much as it is an imperative source of various development processes, its exploitation has resulted in one of the biggest global challenges. That is, the over-exploitation of some resources within the environment has been considered the major cause of certain global challenges such as. desertification, global warming, the rise of sea level, loss of biodiversity among others.

&nbsp.On the other hand, it will describe how the achievement of needs according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs has impacted access to global water resources. Consequently, it will focus on a recommendation section that provides a list of probable solutions that could be applied to reduce the impacts of the global water shortage.

Research indicates that water problem as a societal challenge has extended from being a regional challenge to a global challenge. Issues of purity and access to adequate water resources are currently considered a major global issue. Water is an imperative resource applied to various components of development.

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