Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on groups and substance abuse treatment Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The research paper will present various exercises for treatment.

The psycho-educational treatment selected for this research paper is Substance Abuse Treatment and the target population of the eight-week treatment plan are the individuals who are addicted and are dependent on psychoactive substances i.e. alcohol, prescribed drugs, street drugs, etc. the overall aim of this eight-week plan is to ensure that each individual in the group can resist drugs and other substance abuse (Flores, Georgi, & Div., 2005. Velasquez & Maurer, 2011).

1- Goal for the Week: During this week, the overall aim and purpose of the treatment plan will be elaborated to the target group. The group will be presented with an overview regarding the substance abuse and its treatment.

2- Measurable Learning Objectives: Since the entire week is dedicated for understanding the issue, therefore it will allow the group (target) to understand the problem in a detailed manner as well as to know other group members. They will have an understanding regarding the therapeutic forces i.e. peer confrontation, support and affiliation etc.

4- Activities: Interactive activities such as sharing their favorite habit, hobbies, etc. this will allow them to know each other better, while the professionals can get an insight regarding the personality of the group member (Flores, Georgi, & Div., 2005. Velasquez & Maurer, 2011).

1- Goal for the Week: the goal for the second week is to identify the therapeutic group i.e. which group model will be best for the individuals and to effectively implement it. Skill Development and cognitive behavior group model will be practised for the rest of the plan.

3- How objectives will be met: Week one will allow the professionals to understand the personalities of each group member this will help in identifying which individual is dependent on which substance or drug and to what extent, and then they will implement certain strategies&nbsp.

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