Write a 8 pages paper on women in music. Her book discusses the internal barriers which restrict women from moving forward and be successful. She also puts light on the external barriers that society imposes on them such as not getting flexible working hours or not getting paid paternal leave etc. She discussed the self-limiting attitude imposed by society and how this kind of attitude holds women back from enjoying career success and freedom that is enjoyed by men.

At first, people may think that contemporary classical music does not share much of the things common with the corporate tech industry and therefore women have a greater chance of rising in the field of art. On analyzing the two industries one can see that the leadership balance still exists in both administrative and artistic roles. The gender imbalance can be seen in the Symphony Orchestra of America. This shift in the music industry can simply be counted by counting the number of women present on the orchestras’ chairs in America (McSweeney, 2013).

In the music world present outside America, it is difficult to quantify how far the women have succeeded in making their distinctive place in this particular industry. As the economy of the music industry is not as formal as others, therefore we can’t exactly count the full time hires because not many full-time jobs exist in the industry. Women making their position on the top in the music art industry mean getting to a position with more aesthetic, social, and cultural influence. Such a kind of success can be harder to identify in the first place (Anon., 2014).

“The Chicagoan of the year in Music” is chosen annually by Chicago Tribune, which is an acknowledgment for the artists for their groundbreaking and visionary work for music. All the nine honorees have been acknowledged by Chicago Tribune have been men. The jury that selects these honorees is also based on men.

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