Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Heritage Attraction. It needs to be at least 2500 words. In this regard, the perceptions, the psychological attitudes and the behaviors of travelers have changed significantly towards two important aspects that include historic places and destination contents. Moreover, tourists are more attracted to the features of destinations that include historic contents, artifacts and recreational events (Poria et al., 2003). Respectively, the perceptions and the attitudes of travelers have changed towards safe destinations, authentic experiences, quality as well as unique products and/or services (Whyte et al., 2012).

With this concern, the research paper emphasizes the demand and supply of three tourist destinations that include FES (Morocco), Berlin (Germany) and Beijing (China). Fes is the capital city of Morocco and it is identified to blend old culture and new traditions in an appropriate manner. The city is identified as a car-free zone as the alleyways of the city are narrow (IDRC, n.d.). Berlin is the capital city of Germany. Additionally, the city possesses various cultural opportunities that include galleries, museums, operas, theatres, restaurants and trendy clubs (ABC-Global GmbH, 2008). Beijing is the capital city of China, which is regarded as the major center of conducting effective cultural, political along with financial activities. The city also possesses different cultural as well as prehistoric sites and monuments (Lew et al., 2003). In this respect, the above three destinations have been selected due to their unique characteristics as well as cultural and historic destination contents.

Presently, people involved with performing cultural along with historic research activities are identified to travel more frequently and spend a longer period at authenticated destinations as compared to other travelers.&nbsp.

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