Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on History of Music Genre 20th-21st Century. It needs to be at least 3000 words. Complaints about music not satisfying the different needs of individuals started at the beginning of music history. Each time a listeners’ piece is always disturbed by the agitation of any source arising from music, then the taste is always changed into dissatisfaction. Therefore, sensuality plays a large role in either determining the success of the music like whether it is good or bad. Moreover, in today’s electronic music, the essence of taste has been outmoded. As Scherer writes (2009), this is because many have believed that to like one’s work of music. it means you recognize the work. Therefore, electronic music has mastered this piece and you will only find it using the values judgments which are fictional to make listeners listen to it. In addition, electronic music has become widely corrupted with the idea of commercial success, and today on many occasions it conspires with authority to suppress freedom. According to Frank (2013), noted the majority of the musicians playing electronic music are now representatives towards the opposition of moral schema and have dumped themselves into a lot of things to achieve their commercial success. According to Taylor (2012), The issue of sex has further been used to achieve commercialize success because everything today has been sexualized or is symbolized as sex images. This has the ability to draw the needed masses towards one kind or genre of music as long as the musicians turn a blind eye and keep on promoting and other crude or weird behavior through their different electronic music. A good example is that today’s electronic videos are full of nudity and promotes the use of different drugs as in so doing the musicians tends to pass specific messages to a certain group of audience. The end result is that the youths of today who listen to and love electronic music have grown to develop weird or fetish club culture.

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