Write a 6 pages paper on a history of the people of the united states of america. This paper illustrates that the diffusion of myths, rituals, and religious beliefs of the Northern Hunting and the Southern Agrarian people brought aboriginal Americans. The Northern people brought to the south their hunting rituals and magic, visions of shamans, and their worship of the Master of Animals. While the Southern people also spread to the north through their crops. Also, they brought with them priests and cults and amalgamated magic and rituals to their crop cycles.

Frontier of inclusion is defined as the manner of colonization in which there is the incorporation of cultural, economic, and ethnic parts of an indigenous society with an intrusive society. Aside from this, the most specific incorporations of these two societies also include crops, diet, dialect, and construction materials.

In relation to the frontier of inclusion, this was the manner used by the Spaniards during their colonization of the Native&nbsp.Americans. They had used force and persuasion in order to convert the Native Americans.

France and Spain supported the colonists against Britain by deploying armies and supporting their alliance with America. France and Spain provided war weapons to the rebels and monetary loans against Britain and declared war against Great Britain with America and Holland.

France benefited at the end of the war by gaining pride and land. Also, Spain benefited at the end of the war by acquiring vast parts of the Gulf Coast and the western part of the Mississippi River.

Acculturation is defined as the pattern of beliefs and behavior that is a result of a semi-permanent interaction with the prevailing culture. The acculturation of African Americans is in line with internal acculturation. In this manner, the African Americans absorb their beliefs and behaviors by associating themselves with other racial groups.

There were many African influences on the Southern part of America. One of these is the adoption of the Southerners of the male and female names of the Africans to their newborns. Another was the Africans’ influence on music and dance to the Southerners. African slaves were fond of singing while at work or going to work, which greatly influenced the Southern musicality and instruments.

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