Compose a 1500 words assignment on how global climate change effects the survival of polar bear abundance in the arctic. Needs to be plagiarism free! The polar bear is one of the animal species that have been significantly negatively affected by the effects of climate change hence calling for a quicker human intervention in order to eliminate the problem, or else the future generations will not get an opportunity to see these animals. This research proposal will focus on the effects of climate change on the abundance of polar bears in the artic.

The polar bear is a carnivore that is mostly found in the Arctic Circle inclusive of the Arctic Ocean and the nearby by seas and landmasses. It is a huge animal that that is almost the same size as omnivorous Kodiak bear. In average, a male adult referred to as boar weighs around 350 to 700kg with the females weighing the average half weight of the male. A polar bear is a sister species of brown bear, which has also special features in order to adapt it to survive in cold regions. The animal is adapted to surviving in cold regions from walking on snow surfaces, on ice to extremely cold ocean waters among others. It also has special features that enable it to hunt easily with its favorite prey being a seal. Most polar bears live in or spend much of their time in seas despite the fact that they are born on the sea.

Various researchers have been conducted in the past relating to effects of climate change on the population of a polar bear in the Arctic Circle. Most of those researchers have shown that polar bear if one of the animal species that is greatly affected by effects of global warming or what is commonly referred to as climate change. Scientists and scholars have come up with various sorts of argument concerning this issue but they seem to agree on some certain factors.

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