Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic How Music and Image Work Together in Mainstream Film and Television Extracts. Film music was to a large extent made to look more professional after World War 1 where multi-reel features replaced single reel films whereas the expected venues for films did change from the small-sized nickelodeon to the spacious movie palaces which needed accompaniments. Consequently, the literature moved from practical articles to human interest and critical commentaries combined together and revolving around music directors for big urban cinemas.

According to many experts, the soundtrack has a significant influence on the image and how the audience perceives the imagery of the TV or film extract. For example, Sound and music used in visual films and television extract not only defining and interpreting the visual image but also by expressing the mood as well as the direction the attention of the audience. This is particularly attributed to power music as a means of storytelling and communication. For example, from animated or live-action films to documentaries, the special character of every film often depends on the interaction between the soundtracks and image used.

When used as a soundtrack in the films or television extracts, music is often built using the three main levels mainly rhythm, melody, and layering. For example, the combination of music and images normally produces a certain rhythm that not only leads through the work but also provides a constant and consistent structure to the particular piece. Additionally, rhythm derived from the use of music and images can effectively be used to direct the attention of the viewers and audience.

When people watch the moving images and hear the music floating, they develop a pattern in their brains for recognition, orientation, and remembering. In this regard, the music in the films or television extracts must not only be made in a technical pattern but should also able to express a certain feeling.

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