Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: How Norms Relating to Evil Can Change. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Diverse norms are not ideologically considered unethical by some societies, they are acceptable as they abolish or reduce another disturbing issue (evil) in their society (Gunning, 2007).

For instance, Polygamy in some cultures (Western) is considered a serious offense against the opposite gender. However. some civilizations (Africa and Asia) consider it as a cultural, religious and ethical liability, to sustain balance in the population (via marriage) and to control the issue of adultery in their society (Lankford, 2009). The objective here is when evil is considered detrimental or inhuman then societies develop a perspective against it and if it becomes a part of the socio-cultural norm to resolve an incurable issue (another detrimental social problem) in them then it is not evil, but a rational ethical code, which is acceptable by a specific society.

According to the sociological theory of Absolutism, the wrong and right acts of an individual are predetermined by society, hence, personal opinion and judgments on them do not change their veracity in a culture (Newman, 2013). However, deviance is one form of human behaviour, which is neither accepted by society nor is considered normal. Deviant behaviour includes violation of ethical, cultural and morals norms to an extent that they become unforgivable. Moreover, there is ample evidence that via labeling society castigates them, so to discipline them and revitalize the value of the good. Via labeling and punishing evil acts society marks its absolute regime to maintain balance and control. The behavioral explanation and causes of deviant traits in people can vary, as they can be psychological, social or genetic (Clarke, 2008).

Deviant behaviour is closely related to evil and evil is absolutely condemned in any region of the world. However, the perception of deviant behaviour and evil may differ according to the norms set by culture.

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