Need help with my writing homework on How Spielberg Explores the Relationship Between Memory, Mourning, and Machines in Artificial Intelligence and Minority Report. Write a 3000 word paper answering; Steven Spielberg brought a new twist in this adventure when he directed two of the most creative science fiction movies, “Artificial Intelligence” and “Minority Report.” The two movies show technology from two perspectives. Minority report is an ugly adventure into the dangers of technology and machines. Mourning and trouble come from the technological creations in artificial technology albeit creating fear and distraction among the members of the society. The movie is a wild and scary adventure into machines (Caro, 2008, p.18). On the other side, Artificial Intelligence is a joyful walk through advancements in technology with feelings of affection and love evoked from the robots.&nbsp.

Steven Spielberg shows that machines evoke memories through copying and acting in emotional feelings. David is programmed to love and be loved by Frances O’Connor. O’Connor brought David to the house to compliment the vacuum left by her ailing son. However, the main aim was for David to remind her of the love she shared with her child. David plays along pretty well, mimicking all human reactions to love. While it is clear that the machines can truly mimic the feelings of human beings and act like them, David shows that they cannot react to situations they were not programmed for. This is a weakness in the machines. The machines can be natural simulators. However, they cannot remain exclusively natural. David cannot perform natural functions like eating, sleeping, and peeing. This is not good for the actions of human beings. Machines make human beings look less human by living while avoiding what humans would call basic functions. They evoke emotions in the best ways as they are programmed to show super love, fathomable only in movies, and deniable in real life.

Machines mourn and make people weep, just like human beings do when facing overflowing emotions. Martin does not like David because he does not want to have a sibling in the family.

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