Write 8 pages with APA style on How to Create a Memorable Wedding. With the recent adoption of pomp and color in wedding events, a lot of attention has been diverted to the events surrounding this once in a lifetime ceremony of two love birds (Azevedo, 2009). In society today, almost every couple with plans to marry are engrossed or occupied with the idea of making their wedding the most colorful event on the planet.

Therefore, with the increasing race to make weddings colorful and memorable, we have seen a scenario where individuals are competing or comparing their events with others. This competition has prompted the emergence of various players in the entertainment circle provoking further competition among these companies. We have seen several industries in the entertainment and hospitality sector such as the fashion industry, accessories, tourism, catering, music, wedding shows amongst others thrive because of weddings (Evans, 2002). The increased competition to display the best events and also to deliver high-class services between hosts and related companies has prompted intensive marketing of products both locally and even globally through the World Wide Web. Consequently, this has led to immense growth of the tourism and entertainment sector which has translated to enormous sales and income generation.

Behind the colorful moments marked by these expensive events are the challenges that come as a result of the increased competition to display the colorful event. This can be on the part of the host or related sectors or companies charged with the mandate of planning and coordination of events to realize a colorful and cost-effective event. For the most part, the challenges are bound to occur in cases of poor planning, being over-ambitious, and oversight issues. On the part of the contracted firm’s challenges result from failure to honor terms of the contract hence failing the event.&nbsp.

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