Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses how urban tourism has benefited dalston. The paper shall candidly and comprehensively elucidate how urban tourism in Hackney has affected the neighborhood of Dalston by exploring how it has led to economic and social regeneration as well as the worsening of the region.

Urban tourism, along with finance and other commercial services are among the fastest developing components of individual service sectors. According to Swarbrooke, “in recent years, rapid social and economic change has transformed the economies of many cities in the developed world” (1999, p. 173). These changes resulted in the reduction of traditional industries in which these towns relied on. As a result, the government has been made to seek new sources of employment opportunities to boost the economy (Hayllar, Giffin and Edwards, 2010). Dalston’s is currently filled with discotheques, restaurants, and walking in the ward, full of life, is now an exciting experience (Roberts & Eldridge, 2009). Statistics connotes that the ward’s population escalation is due to an increase in such businesses that presented investment opportunities. Apparently, 65%+ of the residents are currently accessing better state-sponsored social services that were unheard of several years ago and this is wholly attributable to the need to improve the structure in the region owing to the region’s increasing economic importance (Jones & Woodward,&nbsp.2010). Moreover, the affordability of residential houses has increased as many investors have invested in real estate in an effort to provide accommodation to the increasing number of tourists, with only a few individuals having to pay rent of more than 62.50 pounds.

Moreover, “Urban tourism contributes to the neighborhood’s integration into the mainstream economy and society” (Hunning & Novy, 2006, p. 11). Many tourism analysts have studied the different impacts of urban tourism.

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