I need some assistance with these assignment. human genome, potential use of genome genetic variation in health screening Thank you in advance for the help! Chromosomes are the structures that resemble strings on which these genes are assembled and ordered, and the inheritance from parent to child consists of two chromosome sets each having 23 chromosomes, and with one set contributed by the father and the mother each. Among these 23 chromosomes, one is a sex chromosome set, either X, X or X, Y, plus the other 22 sets of chromosomes (New York State 2011).

To be more specific, there are around 3×109 DNA base pairs in the human genome, and the variations in the human genes guarantee that there will never be two individuals who will ever have exactly the same genetic profile, with the exception of twins who are identical in every way genetically speaking. A random pairing of any two persons and a comparison of their genes will have on average variations of about 1 in 1000 DNA base pairs. In all, two randomly paired persons will have base pair variations for 6×106 base pairs, a large number that justifies automation for the analysis of such variations. The numbers are large enough that other means of testing for variations in genetics between people other than automation are not feasible (National Institutes of Health 2007).

The term for differences in genes is polymorphism and in any random pair of human beings, the polymorphism that is most dominant is between unitary base pairs. This most common form of polymorphism is called single-nucleotide polymorphism, or SNP. That said, these differences are dwarfed by the similarities in the genetic makeup of all human beings, and these commonalities are the common heritage of the entire human species. The available research also shows that most of the genetic variations occur within populations as compared to genetic variations among different populations, attesting to the fact that the human race is an interbred race. Stated another way, the genetic variations attest to the reality of interbreeding of the human populations through time, all the way to&nbsp.the present. Stepping away further and relating the genetic makeup of human beings compared to other living beings on earth, one sees too that the genetic variations between humans and the rest of life on the planet are small.

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