Write 11 pages thesis on the topic identifying central parks effect on movie tourism. Most of the movies that were produced had no intention of marketing tourism initially. It is their screening that changed the influx of tourism numbers to the locations of shooting (Gjorgievski et al., 2012). The research on this field is relatively new (Rugojeva, 2014), and it is in the late nineties that the phenomenon earned its name ‘movie-induced tourism’. It can also be referred to as movie tourism, film tourism, cinematic tourism or film-induced tourism.

Despite the fact that New York City boasts of among the most popular sites for film and television shooting, The Central Park (Appleseed, 2009. CPC,2011), there appear to be minimal studies on the role of the movie industry to tourism and residents of Central Park. This paper attempts to outline the role of the movie industry in the city by studying the park.

Movie tourism has taken shape in various forms either accidentally or deliberately. In the wake of 2001 terrorist bombings in New York, the local tourist organizations used media personalities, sportsmen and even former city mayor Rudolf Giuliani to reinforce tourism in the city. The interventions are classified as movie tourism because the film was extensively used in promotions. Kansas City Department of tourism budgets US$ 1.2 million to market the city as a film destination, Australia Tourism Board partnered with Disney in the animated movie, ‘Finding Nemo’ to market Australia as a tourist destination (Berić et al., 2013). These represent deliberate attempts to promote film tourism.

A total of 54.3 million visitors visited New York in 2014, with 11.4 million being international tourists (Rugojeva, 2014 p.6). Among the most common places tourist visit in New York is Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge. All these locations have been featured extensively in movies and television. There exist a number of arranged film tours in New York City.

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