Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Illustrating How da Vinci and Michelangelo Influenced the Art of the 16th Century in Italy and Europe. It needs to be at least 2500 words. Modern art supported by various detail-adding enhancements must pay tribute to their creativity and liberal approach that facilitated their elevation as pinnacles of Renaissance art motivations. &nbsp.Perhaps what the two artists contributed to art from different perspectives provoked the birth of Western art movement that built on their unique approaches in creativity (Hegarty, 2006).

However, the striking differences that stand out from the two artists’ expression make their diversity capture the aesthetic essence of art than any pair of artists would have managed. As illustrated in the discussion below, comparison of different works by the artists during a similar period could facilitate enumeration of how different the two artists contributed to High Renaissance age. The choice of related categories of works assists in the development of the argument that the two artists had contrasting approaches in different concepts as discussed. Drawings, paintings and carvings done by the two formulate the basis of contrasting their works, to make the illustration of their liberal approach in expression. The two artists depict stark contrasts in their motivation, colour usage, and marked preferred sexuality in the expression of their ideas.

The drawings of choice for contrasting between the Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci include the Kneeling Man and the Anatomical Studies of the Shoulder respectively. The analysis of the chosen pieces of work demonstrates different appeal to detail in the drawing, perhaps due to the advancement in motivational influence on art in drawing expression. Michelangelo made the drawing of the Kneeling Man at around 1494 and 1496 using a pen and brown ink and the original piece can be found in the Graphische Sammlung Albertina in Vienna (Kren and Marx, n.d.)1. Leonardo’s Anatomical Studies of the Shoulder emerged a decade and a half later, in 1510-1511, made on paper using a combination of black chalk, pen and ink. The original piece of the Anatomical Studies of the Shoulder could be viewed at the Royal Library in Windsor (Kren and Marx, n.d.).&nbsp.

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